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Pre-sale services

A viewing trip is a specially organized trip in order to obtain all the necessary information about the property and its acquisition.

Real estate agent will provide their customer with a range of services related to the selection and purchase of real estate in Turkey. Range of services includes:

-Assistance in purchasing tickets;

-Transfer from/to airport;

-Accommodation in a comfortable hotel or apartment;

- Providing complete and accurate information on the purchase process, objects, bank credit, country and other questions;

- Showing the real estate objects, according to the customer’s request;

- Implementation and full support of the sale at all stages (drafting a contract, verification of technical and legal status of the object, in particular the absence of changes and other debts, title deed registration and other documents related to the transaction);

- Tour around the city and the surrounding area with visits to the local attractions.

During –sale service

We offer assistance in all matters, relating to the Real Estate:

-Studying the area and location, providing information about the local area, and development plan, if any;

- Familiarization with the purchase agreement, legal advice;

-Obtaining a Turkish tax ID number;

- Opening a bank account;

- Power of Attorney;

- Translator services;

- Representation in all state and municipal organs.

After-sale services

-After the purchase, we offer a service package that includes:

-Organization of transfers to /from the airport;

-Payment of your bills, including electricity, water, telephone, Internet, etc.;

-Applying for insurance and working with the insurance company;

-Assistance in the furniture and equipment purchasing, design your apartment/villa;

-Assistance in your dealing with public agencies, private firms, workers, ect;

-Cleaning service;

-Monthly checking the condition of your real estate;

-Help in purchasing or renting a car;

-Organizing your holiday, trips, travel.

Property management and renting

You bought an apartment  and would like to make profit from it?

You stay a couple of months per year and the rest of the time your apartment is vacant?

You want your property to be under supervision?

Sign a contract with us and we will rent your apartment out. We estimate your apartment, according to the market rental prices, you inform us when you plan to use your apartment and in which months would you like to rent it out.

You will enjoy your property and receive profit!

Buying an apartment mortgage? – What can be easier!

Obtaining a mortgage to purchase a property in Turkey has become very popular with foreigners. Paying 50 % of the property cost, you can take a bank loan with the following conditions:

-The maximum term of the loan is 10 years;

-The annual interest rate is 9% (in dollars and euros);

-The loan is given for any property, which is constructed;

-There is a possibility of early payment;

Gold Sun Properties guarantees loan obtainment, assists in the collection and preparation of all required documents.

Paying by installments to a developer- a convenient payment plan!

Gold Sun Properties offers you a convenient payment plan with installments for a number of properties under construction at present, paying interest –free installments during the first 1-2 years; you can obtain a low budget property, luxury apartment or villa. Payment plans are discussed individually, allowing you to choose the best option. We will discuss any of your suggestions! In a case of 100% payment we would offer you a special discount. 

The main activities of the construction company - the development of high-quality multi-format property in Turkey. We offer you a high-quality properties with excellent architectural uniqueness. INSTALLMENT 0%. 

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